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What is a rain cap?

Is a chimney cap necessary?

In most situations the answer is, yes.

Here are the three best reasons to install a chimney rain cap.

  • Protection against rain and snow and pine needles

Rain and snow entering the chimney cause deterioration and damage to the firebox or flue of your chimney, fireplace or woodstove. This can lead to costly repairs. Overhead trees drop leaves, pine needles and other debris which is a fire hazard and difficult to remove. If you have a leaking chimney, please click here.

  • Keep animals out. Birds, squirrels, racoons, bats, pets

We encounter a lot of birds in chimneys. When a bird decides to turn your chimney into it’s home it starts by dropping small twigs and debris down the flue until they wedge and accumulate. By the time enough of this material has been deposited there is usually 2 feet of debris blockage. This can be very difficult to remove and your chimney will be non-functional until it’s cleared. Squirrels can turn a chimney into a cache by dropping in nuts, seeds and debris. We’ve also encountered racoon dens, bat caves and even a stuck cat. Animals in chimneys can cause terrible odors and sometimes wild animals end up in the home. Check out this wild news story of a home over-run with over 800 migrating birds. This whole situation is completely avoidable with a chimney cap.

  • Catch burning embers and sparks

Properly constructed UL listed chimney caps also act as a spark arrestor, catching smoldering embers and sparks and preventing them from landing on the roof or lawn.

Choosing the right cap

Chimney caps should be engineered and built to specifications that allow for smoke to escape while having a minimal impact on draft. This depends on factors are height, shape and mesh screen size. We prefer caps constructed from stainless steel in order to resist corrosion, rust and heat damage. Chimney caps come equipped in a variety of mounting options. It’s important to fit your chimney with a cap that mounts securely so it can’t blow away in high winds. It is also important to select a rain cap appropriate for the type of appliance in use.

Please give us a call or book online if you need an old worn out cap replaced or a new one installed.

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