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Spokane Chimney Inspections

Chimney inspections (included when we sweep your chimney) are done to make sure you know the condition of your chimney and venting systems. Our homes can have chimneys connected to a water heater, furnace, wood or pellet stove.  We rely on these appliances year-round to heat our water for showers and heat our homes in the colder months. We offer chimney inspections to ensure everything is in good condition and can do chimney camera inspections to carefully examine the inside of your flue.

A chimney sweep using a camera inspection system to evaluate the condition of the fireplace

Prevent Problems

Annual chimney inspections can reveal a number of situations. This includes, nesting birds, obstruction due to debris, water leaks, masonry deterioration, improperly vented appliances, and much more! Many of these problems, when detected early during an inspection, are easily corrected.

A chimney technician examining a partially disassembled fireplace with a flashlight

Pre Home Buying Inspection

If you’re buying a new home make sure to hire a certified professional to check the condition of your chimneys and venting systems to avoid surprises down the road. Make sure you know the condition of your chimney before you put it into service.

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Annual Chimney Inspections

The Nation Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Chimney Safety Institute (CSIA) recommend having your chimney and fireplace or wood stove inspected by a professional every year to ensure it is clean and free of defects.

A chimney sweep using a wireless camera inspection system to see inside the interior of a chimney

Chimney Camera Inspections

We can use our wireless camer system to inspect the inside of your chimney. Modern camera inspection systems can reveal more than what a simple visual inspection performed from the roof or fireplace opening can. As part of a Level II inspection the chimney must be scanned with a camera system.

A man using a flashlight to look down a chimney after a chimney fire

What should I do after a chimney fire?

Get your chimney inspected by a professional after having a chimney fire. A chimney fire is a violent event that generates a significant amount of heat and pressure. Even a small fire can cause damage to your home or chimney and may be hidden in an attic, behind a wall or in the flue. After having your chimney inspected a chimney cleaning or repair may be needed.

Our Services

Chimney Brush

Chimney Sweeping

Removing soot, ash and creosote reduces the risk of chimney fire and keeps your fireplace running efficiently

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Chimney Inspections

Have your chimney inspected before the purchase or sale of a house, or as part of your annual home maintenance

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Chimney Repair & Restoration

Whether it’s due to ageing, improper installation or chimney fire damage – We can fix it! Schedule an estimate.

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Chimney Leaks

We fix leaky chimneys! Flashing repairs, loose masonry, rain caps and masonry water repellent

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Improve efficiency, reducing the time it takes for clothes to dry and reduce the risk of dryer fires

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Service Area Locations

We offer chimney services in, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Deer Park, Suncrest, Cheney, Loon Lake, and Eastern, WA

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